Sunday, March 1, 2009

February has flown by, honestly I don't know what happened to it. March has brought warmer weather to Silver City, along with the wonderful wind! (That was a totally sarcastic statement.) The juniper pollen count is way high, and I am high too. (On Claritin of course.) Not much news to report this go-round.

My friend Amy moved to Virden this past weekend. We will miss you Amy! We went out with a bang. We had girl's night at my house on Thursday, and it got a little interesting! I wish Amy and her family the best of luck!

Marvin and I went to Albuquerque this past weekend, and got admissions and finanacial aid taken care of. We also bought a newer vehicle to get us through the program. Marvin's bike was in the shop, and my van has needed over $1000 in repairs in the last three months, so we decided the purchase was necessary. I have a hard time with debt, so the whole weekend was a little overwhelming, but I know this is the right decision for us. Three more months until we move! As it is getting closer, I realize all the things that I wish I had done. There are people here that I wish I could have gotten to know a little better. There are things and places I wanted to see, right here around Silver City. I guess everybody feels that way when things in their lives change.

On a lighter note, Marv almost broke his knee this weekend. That wasn't much of a lighter note, was it? Marvin was unloading a car from a trailer, and the car rolled off the trailer too fast, and crushed his knee between the car and a truck that was nearby. He is very lucky that nothing was broken. His knee is bruised pretty bad and it is still sore. He said he felt the bumper of the car "give " a little as it hit his knee. I feel that he was watched over, and was protected from more serious injuries. Men just think they're invincible, don't they?

I don't have any recent pictures. My computer crashed this past week, and we just got it back from a friend who fixed it for us. More pics to come after I get my camera software reinstalled!

Love to all our family and friends!!!!


Kristine said...

I'm so glad that Marvin is ok...and I'm glad you were able to find a vehicle that will work for you...'ve still got 3 months...don't shut the doors on those relationships just yet...they can bless your lives, and they will be blessed immensely by you and your light. You are an amazing person. Plan every weekend to go do those things so you can look back and say "We really LOVED living in Silver City...and we did so many fun things right around home!"

Good luck...don't get too overwhelmed (yet!).

Lisa Yauch said...

Sounds like you had a pretty intense weekend. I hope things get better! I hate debt too. I can understand how it would be overwhelming.

Susan said...

Good to hear an update from you guys! Only 3 months? How exciting! And a new car is exciting too! What did you get? Dave's brother just moved to Albuquerque - maybe you'll be in their ward!