Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our "White" Christmas

Our ward Christmas party was fun. The kids had fun visiting with Santa. Harrison has a bit of a "deer in the headlights" look, I don't know what was up with that. Aren't Livvy's hairbows cute? Misty Lewis made them, so she is the one to call if you need cute bows for your girls.

The kids bought Marv a plug-n-play hunting game. He and the kids have played it non-stop! Well, I have been playing too! Marvin gets mad if I beat his score, so he HAS to get back on the game and beat me again. I don't know how long this will last, I guess men can't handle the fact that their wives hunt animated deer better than they do!

Harrison's Christmas wish was a Star Wars Lego set. Marvin spent about six hours Christmas day putting it together for him. He is very happy with the finished product. I ought to post a picture of it.

This is Olivia's doll-she named her Tasha. She had been asking for her every time we went into Family Dollar. She was only $10, so I wasn't surprised when Tasha's leg fell off the next day. Olivia chased Harrison around the house with it, and clocked him on the head a couple of times. So, I figure if she's still happy with Tasha, I'm happy!

This was our "day-after White Christmas." A bad storm settled in on the 26th. We weren't able to get up our hill due to the ice. We slid down sideways twice! (Susan and Candace, you remember that don't you?:) I did get some cute pictures of Harrison in the snow.


Candace said...

You just keep beating Marvin....WOMAN POWER! Especially with animated hunting games.... :)

Isn't it great that little kids couldn't care less how much their toys cost? How good of Olivia to keep loving her one-legged Tasha. :)

YOU SLID DOWN "THE HILL" SIDEWAYS???!! Scary! Yes, I definitely remember that! It's a VERY good thing we don't have lots of hills here because black ice has been a HUGE problem.

Sandy said...

Yikes on sliding down the hill. What a funny picture you painted of Olivia chasing Harrison with a doll leg! Thanks for the smile and the pics!

Chandra said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! Ours was great too!
Silver City...the Christmases we were there....the snow came the day after too! Fun...I'm sure the kids loved it!
I love the leg story...I can see the scene play in my head of how Ethan and Lexi would do that too...crazy kiddies!!
Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Oh man, I must say I do NOT miss that hill!!! Dave slid a couple times. That looks like a lot of snow! We haven't gotten any here yet.
I love the doll leg story! That's so funny! She's so resourceful, finding a way to play with her toy even after it's "broken" :)